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Dave Mitchell

I earned my B.A. from Old Dominion University in 1989. I have been a licensed builder in Virginia for the past 25 years. Having spent part of my childhood in Argentina in my college years summers working construction, I realized that building homes was in my blood. I have thought about becoming a real estate agent for a quite some time. What is most important is that I do not plan to stop building homes. I have employees who count on me, and I still enjoy building very much. I will just do less. I feel that I will be able to concentrate my energy even better for my future home clients, I feel that my construction experience is going to prove very useful. After all, we are selling homes, and there is one thing I know about, homes. Also, when it comes to repairs, improvements, inspections, etc., I have a large network of specialists that I will be able to call upon to get answers and/or get things done, as needed, to help our clients make informed choices and get things done efficiently, fairly and to a high standard.