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Need inventory? 3 circle-prospecting strategies that’ll get you more listings

Did your buyers lose out in a multiple-offer situation? Are you looking for more listings? These tactics can tackle those problems while helping you b ... [ Read More » ]

Bad jobs report could hold silver lining for housing

The Fed now has justification to keep a tight lid on interest rates. But some fear that if employers are forced to raise wages too quickly, that could ... [ Read More » ]

Why are real estate company share prices falling despite good news?

Many real estate companies have reported stronger-than-expected earnings in recent weeks, but their share prices keep dropping. ... [ Read More » ]

1 in 4 moms don’t like their home

A study by LendingTree shows that moms are nearly twice as likely to experience homebuyer's remorse than dads and are also much more guilty than dads ... [ Read More » ]

Sellers absolutely have the upper hand in this housing market: Survey

In a first, more people thought April was a bad time to buy a home than a good time, according to Fannie Mae's latest survey of home purchase sentimen ... [ Read More » ]

May Motivation: Your real estate business is now up for renewal

This week, we announced that Inman Connect Las Vegas is back (Oct. 26-29), and our Inman Connect Now (May 18) and three-day Inman Connect (June 15-17) ... [ Read More » ]

The outdoor amenity that brings the sharpest rise in a home’s sales price

While a treehouse is still most commonly associated with kids' games in the summer, it can make a home seem much more luxurious — and bump its sales ... [ Read More » ]

What Zillow’s results reveal about its momentum toward Zillow 2.0

The coverage of Zillow's latest results is fantastically uninspiring. Lots of big numbers, devoid of context. But when the dots are connected they rev ... [ Read More » ]’s new microsite will connect buyers to agents with fair housing training for Everyone will help renters, buyers and sellers search for agents "committed to working with today’s increasingly diverse communities ... [ Read More » ]

RE/MAX predicts banner year with tech, mortgage investments

RE/MAX's Friday earnings call focused on the company's 2021 trajectory, with Motto Mortgage, booj and other tech investments paving the way to growth. ... [ Read More » ]

Aaron Kirman Group launches Asia-Pacific Division for luxury buyers

Luxford Investment Group founder Michael Chen has been named as the new executive director of the division, it was announced Thursday. ... [ Read More » ] operator Move Inc. bounces back with latest earnings, reports 37% revenue growth operator Move Inc. rebounded from a rough 2020 with robust lead generation, referral and website traffic growth during Q3 2021. ... [ Read More » ]

Smart Home Tech: What are the top smart devices for pets?

For homeowners with pets, smart tech can be a great way to keep an eye on these furry friends and provide them with what they need to stay happy and h ... [ Read More » ]

The Real Word: Are you using these bidding war strategies?

Watch Byron Lazine and Nicole White give a real estate agent’s perspective on industry-related topics. In this edition of The Real Word, they'll dis ... [ Read More » ]

Tech Review: Smart Alto puts people first in its innovative lead qualification solution

A alumnus of the Y Combinator startup program, Smart Alto leverages clever talk-tech, sales scripts and human ISAs to qualify leads and set appointmen ... [ Read More » ]